The Great Commission, Done?

The Great Commission, done?  It can and will happen, by God's grace.  The math is compelling - we have a massive job to do, but it is a job that can be done.  What holds you back from becoming part of the greatest spiritual initiative in history - launched in Acts 1:8 and today, nearly complete?  Download this PDF to learn how.

The Christian church has access to resources unparalleled in the history of humanity.  Through prayer, creativity, and sacrifice, we could live to see the day when every person on earth has access to the good news of Jesus. We could live to see the day when everyone, everywhere is blessed by the gospel.

Our task is both enormous and personal.  It will take massive coordination on a worldwide level, but that must involve you, personally, and your family.  Complete the Commission is wholehearted sprint toward the finish line of history, when people from every tribe, tongue and nation can gather around God's throne to sing His praise.

Will you choose to join in the challenge, to complete the Commission? 

Our strategy is explained, along with the "numbers" in this PDF document.  Consider printing this out to share with your church, small group, or pastor.  It is time to finish the job Jesus gave us to do!

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