Host Your Own Missions Prayer Meeting

Prayer is essential to the completion of our mission!  Would you like to get a few friends together to pray, seek God, and ask Him to transform India (and beyond) with the gospel?  Here's a suggested meeting outline - complete with prayer requests, Bible passages, and suggested meeting plans.  Also, if desired, someone involved with Complete the Commission could join your meeting via Skype video, or in person (if you are in NE Ohio).  This could add a fun dynamic and also allow participants to ask questions, etc.  Here's a suggested meeting outline:

Prayer Meeting Plan

Welcome & Explanation of the Vision
 (print out our "Strategy to Finish the Job" page and/or Intro page as a handout, along with this post/outline below)

Prayer Part 1:  The Laborers Needed (Luke 10:1-3)   
-  for the selection and training of 1000 church planters
- for IGL and their regional leaders in India that will assist these planters
Prayer Part II:  The “Senders” of Those Who Will Preach  (Romans 10:9-15)   
- for many individuals and churches worldwide to join in this strategy
- for all $2.4 million dollars to be provided, funding our 2-year initiative
Prayer Part III:  The Faith of the Church Planters  (Ephesians 6:10-20)    
- for boldness in the face of opposition
- for clarity of direction from God and of sharing His Word
- for strength and grace to do their work
Prayer Part IV:  Open Hearts in India  (2 Corinthians 4:3-6, 2 Peter 3:9)   
- for the 1.2+ billion Indian people, mostly Hindu and Muslim
- for the many people groups without a Christian witness or Bible translation
- for the villages our church planters will walk into first
- for a continuance of the spiritual revival and church growth now occurring
Prayer Part V:  Celebration of What God Will Do  (Psalm 22:25-31, Revelation 7:9-12)   
- the Great Commission must be completed in our generation
- those with the gospel today must finish the task Jesus gave us to do
- God has given us the honor of participating in His plan
Concluding Fellowship
Ideas:  If you have more than 5 participants, you can break up into smaller groups of 3 or 4 for a few of the above sections to mix things up and give all individuals a chance to pray aloud.  When I led this meeting with about 40 people, I read the Scriptures in between each section, then alternated between public/corporate prayer time and small group times. 
If you'd like someone connected to Complete the Commission to join in your prayer gathering/service, please contact us.

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