Would you like to complete Jesus' Great Commission?  I mean finish it - blessing every family on earth with the Good News? 

With hundreds of millions of people across the globe that have never heard Jesus' name, let alone His Gospel, you know that we're far from completing the task. 

You've heard enough statistics about the plight of a world without Christ - of the millions that will die without the hope and love of God in their hearts.  That's why we're starting to look at the gospel task strategically - and asking God to fulfill the Great Commission task in this generation.
Sometimes this vision feels impossible - giving the whole world an opportunity to experience the life-changing truth of the Bible?  Yet God wants to use us to help finish the job that Jesus handed to His followers over 2,000 years ago.

IndiamapComplete the Commission

Already, there is a flourishing church in India - a spiritual awakening akin to that which swept America and Europe hundreds of years ago - but even with the great success of the Indian church movement, only a fraction of their 1.2 billion person population has been reached.  One thousand trained and equipped church planters could transform whole regions, and set in motion a multiplying witness that could touch millions of lives in just a few years. 

Of course, along with church planting comes other blessings: orphan ministry, medical help, and skills training for the poor.  The growth of the church is the key to the physical and spiritual transformation of villages, cities, and language groups.

Jesus left us with one primary task - carry His gospel to the ends of the earth.  Over the centuries, many have sacrificed their all to reach another village, another family, another soul.  It is time in this generation to finish the great task before us - to send out church planters, to pray without ceasing, to go, give and serve as God directs.

Deploying 1000 new church planters into the darkest places on earth will make a significant dent in the work we still must do.  Alone, they can't finish the job - but perhaps with us, and with others God will call, the commission can be completed.  You and I may live to see the day when all the world has heard - and when people from every tribe, tongue and nation are ready to worship before the Throne of God. 
Jesus trained and sent twelve disciples - and they turned their world upside down.

What might He do with 1,000 in India?  If you'll join us at Complete the Commission, we can find out together.
is a partnership of mission-minded believers and churches that want to do what it takes to see the world reached.  We've selected the biggest target on the map, as far as sheer numbers of unreached people groups go, India.  And, through India Gospel League, a ministry that has proven itself to be Bible-centered, Spirit-driven and well-led, we aim to send out 1,000 new church planters into the vast network of unreached villages across the subcontinent.  Their mission will be to plant self-sustaining, multiplying churches within two years - churches with a heart to send out even more laborers into this great harvest field.