Questions and Answers

Who are you guys?
We are a volunteer partnership of churches and individuals that want to see the world reached with the Gospel in this generation.  Dan Jarvis of Weymouth Church in Medina, Ohio is organizing the effort, but in truth this is a team undertaking.  Other content contributors you may see at this site are Paul Wides (frequent India traveller and full time Global Outreach director for Hudson Chapel), Jeff Brianas (missions enthusiast and all-around good guy) and David Rice (director of IGL's North American office - to provide us with updates and perspective from our mission partner in this work).  We hope we can mobilize Christians to think strategically and to participate in the vision of sharing God's love with everyone, everywhere.  Would you like to climb on board?  (If you ever meet Jeff, be sure to ask him what it takes to become an official missions enthusaist.  He'd be glad to fill you in!)

What is your specific vision?
If you read our "Strategy" page you'll see what we're all about, and how we are planning to advance the Gospel into areas that have never been reached before.  At present, we're aiming to deploy 1000 new church planters into the villages of India via our good friends at India Gospel League.  For us, that means raising the necessary prayer and financial support to get these Christian workers into the field.

Is Complete the Commission an independent organization?No, we're just a partnership of churches working together.  We don't collect money for ourselves - we just hope we can connect incredible gospel opportunities to people and churches ready for the challenge.  This is all-volunteer. If you'd like to support our church planters, your contributions will go directly to India Gospel League, our partner for the current focus project.
Are you denominational?
No.  We are Bible-centered, evangelical Christians seeking to spread the gospel.  If you're in that category, you're welcome to join in.  You can see who else is on board at our "Partners" page.  You could peruse the doctrinal statement of our mission partner, India Gospel League, to get a flavor for the type of beliefs our 1000 church planters will espouse as they do their work.  See that here.

If I support a church planter, what information will I receive?
India Gospel League will provide a picture and short profile of each sponsored church planter/his family, along with info on the region he will be reaching.  During his two year period of IGL support, you will likely receive multiple reports (quarterly is typical) of his progress and the fruits of his ministry, along with prayer requests. To learn about supporting a church planter, or multiple planters (or to give a donation of any amount to help), click on the "Sponsor a Church Planter" link to the right.
Can I go to India to see this work?
Absolutely!  Particularly if you'd be willing to assist in teaching at regional conferences for native pastors, or helping with village medical teams, IGL can use you on the field.  I (Dan Jarvis) went to India recently and saw IGL's work in Banaglore, Nasik and Delhi, and was able to speak personally with a number of village pastors and church planters.  Read my report about it here.  Also, by clicking the "Reports" tab at the top of our page, you'll see other radio interviews or reports from various contributors.  If you are interested in learning more about travelling to India, call the IGL-North America office.