Sponsor a Church Planter

Would you like to help send out church planters?   Here's what to do:

1.  Fund a church planter, either with a monthly contribution of $100 for 2 years, or for a one-time gift of $2400.  You'll receive a picture and profile of your "adopted" church planter, along with specific news updates as we receive them.  You can also give a gift of any size to help us reach our overall goal of $2.4 million to send out these 1000 church planters.
A CHECK IN THE MAIL:  Download this form to mail in - to sign up as a sponsor for church planters.(Sending your gift in via check with this form is recommended if you are giving a large or ongoing amount, to avoid credit card transaction fees.) 
AN ONLINE GIFT:  Use our online giving system to immediately sponsor a church planter ("barefoot pastor") or give a one-time gift.

2.  Pass this information on to others who have a vision to complete the Great Commission - the more people get involved, the more villages can hear of Jesus!

3.  Click the "Prayer" tab above to learn how to pray and even lead others to pray for this effort!
>> Also, if you'd like to discuss adding your church to the "partner" list in this effort, let us know!   Contact Dan Jarvis at (330) 723-1750 or at his web contact form.